10 exemptions from the H-1B quota

10 exemptions from the H-1B quota:

#1: Your Employer is NOT H-1B quota exempt, BUT, your Employment is “AT” an H-1B Exempt Institution (a “third party petitioner”)
#2: Your Employer is a Non-Profit Organization AFFILIATED or RELATED to an Institution of Higher Education
#3: Your Employment is CONCURRENT with exempt employment
#4: Your Employer is an “Institution of Higher Education”, e.g., a College or University
#5: Your Employer is a Nonprofit Research Organization or Government Research Organization
#6: You were previously COUNTED under the H-1B quota
#7: You have a U.S. MASTER’S DEGREE (until the 20,000 Master’s quota runs out)
#8: You are a Citizen of Singapore
#9: You are a Citizen of Chile
#10: You are a Citizen of Australia


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