Documents required for H1b visa

H1B Documents and Information Required to File a Visa Application

Information / Documents required from the Foreign Applicant:

» Sponsorship Job Offer from a US employer

» Copy of your current resume
» Copy of passport
» Copies of degree certificates and transcripts or mark sheets (if applicable)
» Employment reference letters from previous employers (if applicable)
» Professional License (if applicable)
» Copies of any professional development course certificates (if applicable)
» Copy of your education evaluation, if one has already been completed (if applicable)

Not Required – but – good to provide if you are already in the USA:
» Copy of the front and back of I-94 card
» USA Social Security number (if you have ever had one)
» Copy of I-20 authorizing practical training and copy of EAD card
» Copies of any prior H1B approval notices or J1 (IAP-66 forms)
» If you are currently on H1B status and are changing employers or need an extension of stay with the same employer – a copy of your most recent pay stubs or a letter from your current H1B employer verifying your current employment with them.

* Before an H1B application can be filed – all Foreign nationals must 1st obtain a job with a company who will sponsor/apply for your H1B visa 

Ultimate 2018 H1B Visa Guide

Information / Documents required from the US Employer:
» Job title of the position
» Detailed job description
» Salary offered
» The company’s minimum requirements for the job (i.e. degree or work experience required)
» Name and job title of person who will sign the forms on behalf of the company
» Name and address of company.
» Informational brochures/promotional literature about the company. If the company is new / just starting up – provide as uch financial information about the company as you can such as – bank statements, most recent income tax return, articles of incorporation, business plan, financial statements or any documentation that will prove that the company is lucrative and can pay the salary of the foreign worker you want to hire.
» Employer Federal Tax I.D. Number – the year company was established, approximate number of employees and approximate gross and net annual income
» Telephone number and fax number for company
» Client site letter on the client site’s letterhead. We will be happy to assist you with language necessary for this letter to be most effective.
» Completed US Immigration Bureaus visa filing forms and fees

Information required on spouse and children, if married – to get an H4 visa:
» Full name, date and place of birth
» Marriage certificate
» Birth certificates of your children
» C opy of spouse and children’s passports

Not Required – but – good to provide if already in the USA:
» Social Security numbers for spouse and children
» Copy of the front and back of their I-94 cards


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