Email Templates for Common Internship Situations

As you navigate your way through the process of finding that perfect internship, you will inevitably communicate via email with a number of different organizations. For better or worse, the emails you send will provide these organizations with a first impression of you. So, it is important to come across as professionally as possible in those brief messages.

We’ve provided the templates below to address the most common email situations you’ll face. Feel free to copy and paste them as needed.

Template List

  • Sending out your application to an organization. Click HERE.
  • Finding out if an organization offers internships to quarter, students and how to apply. Click HERE. When requesting information, it’s usually more effective to call them rather than emailing.
  • Following up with an organization after you’ve applied but haven’t heard back from them yet. Click HERE.
  • Responding to a request for interview day/time availabilities. Click HERE.
  • Confirming an interview day/time. Click HERE.
  • Post-interview thank you note. Click HERE.
  • Requesting additional information about an internship after being offered a position without an interview if you’re not sure you want to take the internship. Click HERE. NOTE: Always try to call the organization to talk to them directly before sending this message.
  • Asking for more time: Click HERE
  • Accepting an internship offer. Click HERE.
  • Turning down an internship offer. Click HERE.

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