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I am currently on Post-Completion OPT and its expiry date is June 21, 2016

My Employer most probably will provide me i-983, i-765 latest by Tuesday, June 7.

After receiving these documents I will do FedEx overnight shipping and my school will receive documents by Wednesday, June 8.

School may take at least 5-7 business days to process new i-20 ( should receive documents by June 14) and after this, I will send documents to USCIS by FedEx overnight shipping.

USCIS should receive documents by June 15.

My questions are
1) How much time USCIS takes to upload on the portal that application is received.
2) Is it possible that USCIS encash the check on or before June 21st if I send documents on June 14?
3) If I am running out of time then what should be done so that I don’t miss my deadline as I have 2 weeks left.
4) what should be the latest safe date to send documents to USCIS, I can convey my school to process i-20 asap, I don’t know if they consider my request.