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Dear friend,

I want to share my situation and request help!!

My employer(In India) applied I-129 for 2014 and it got approved in july 31 2014 when checked on USCIS website.

But then I had not much preference to come to US. I got an offer in May 2014 from another employer in India, so joined and left my employer who raised H1 for me.

In August 2015 I entered US on F1 visa. As my h1b is not applied with COS it dint changed the status automatically . I am about to complete my masters in December 2016. However I am planning to take internship form this september to december.

Instead of going through all the hectic path from CPT to OPT to H1, I am thinking whether there is any way I can make use of my H1 which was picked and approved by USCIS in 2014.

Please guide me, I dont have any idea.


Thank You