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This is one of my friend scenario, can you please help us

“I am working for employer A and I applied for my stem opt extension and received an RFE to submit the new I20 by completing the I983 form by 08/15/2016. My current OPT period was going to expire by 06/30/2016

Employer B has sponsored my H1B for future employment and currently it was under processing and received an RFE .

Can you please provide a suggestion for the below questions

1) If I apply my stem OPT extension with employer A and continue my H1B RFE with employer B will there be any effect for the stem extension & H1B process ? Because both are different employers

2) I will respond to my H1B RFE by this week , if it gets approved do I need to change my employer to employer B ? or else can I continue working with my emploer A untill october 1st 2016 ?
3) Can I continue my H1B process with my employer B and Stem extension process with employer A ?

4) Can I apply for Cap Gap once my H1B gets approved and with draw my current stem Opt application ?”


You are in a weird situation good luck

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