H1B Visa Stamping Experience 2019 – Biometrics, Interview – Chennai


US Visa Stamping is one of the key steps in your journey to work in US. If you are a first timer going for US Visa stamping, it is important for you to be prepared well. There is no better thing than reading visa stamping experience from a first timer applying for H1B Visa stamping. Thanks a lot to our reader ( anonymous as requested) for taking the time to write up and sharing their experience with the community, it helps many.  You can share your experience as well by writing to us at redbus2us (at) gmail.com or here

My Background :

I’m a first-timer applying for H1B Visa stamping at Chennai, and this site has provided me all the information needed to prepare for my interview.

Biometrics and Photo experience at VAC for US Visa Stamping :

Documents Checklist  for Biometrics at VAC

  • Passport
    (bring all old passports if you have any)
  • DS-160
    confirmation (colored or black printout)
  • Appointment

Reaching the VAC center

  • You
    can take your vehicle or get there by taxi. No parking is allowed at the
    premises. Personal vehicles can, however, be parked in surrounding residential
  • I
    reached about 15 mins before the scheduled time. I got there in my car and
    parked it on an adjacent residential road.

Biometrics and Photo experience for US Visa Stamping

October 18, 2019

  • I
    was 15 minutes early, and I was let in after the security personnel checked the
  • In
    the building, it was again verified and scanned by the staff at VAC. After two
    more additional verifications, a token will be issued for biometrics &
  • More
    than 10 counters were available, and the process was very smooth.
  • The
    whole process only took 10 to 15 minutes.

General Tips for  Biometrics at VAC

  • Reach
    the VAC about 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • The
    morning slot is preferred as you don’t have to deal with traffic delays in getting
    to the center.
  • Wear
    dark colored shirts for the photograph, as the background is white.
  • If
    you have your car, the preferred option is to use your car, if not, please take
    a cab and get to the center. You can keep your mobile phones and other items in
    your car. Just take the required documentation.
  • The
    name in the passport should match the name given in DS-160. If mismatch, you
    can correct it at the center located in the parking lot of the building.

H1B Visa Stamping experience at US Consulate – Chennai

Below are the various aspects of stamping at US

Document checklist for H1B Visa Stamping

  • Passport
    (bring all old passports if you have any)
  • DS-160
    confirmation (colored or black printout)
  • Appointment
  • Copy
    of H1B Approval notice
  • Copy
    of LCA
  • Offer
    letter from your employer
  • Client
    letter (if you are going to work at a client location)
  • Latest
  • Experience
    letter from your existing company
  • Last
    6 months payslip from your existing company
  • Last
    6 months bank account statement
  • Copy
    of degree certificates

Reaching the US Consulate in Chennai for US Visa Stamping

  • It
    is not possible to park in and around the US consulate, so the preferred option
    is to take a cab. If someone can accompany, it is best to handover mobile and
    other electronic devices to them.
  • I
    booked a 4-hour package for the rental taxi. All I took was the required
    documents and cash with me in hand. I told the taxi driver to wait in the adjacent
    street next to the US consulate.

US Visa Interview Process and Experience  at Chennai Consulate  

October 21, 2019

  • I
    was early by 30 mins, and I had to wait at the nearby bus stop until my
    appointment time.
  • The
    queues are formed 10 to 15 mins before the interview time. US consulate staff will
    inform and ask people to form queues based on appointment time.
  • Next,
    they let people inside in a batch of five for security check.
  • After
    the security check, I was asked to proceed to another building where the
    interview was held.
  • Once
    again, the verification is done using fingerprints to verify the identification.
  • Next,
    I was asked to stand in the queue for the interview.
  • US
    consulate staff asked me to stand in a counter based on the availability of the
    consulate officer. A maximum of 1 person shall be allowed to stand in the
  • My
    turn came and answered the questions that had been asked. The consulate officer
    said that my visa had been approved and issued a small slip with instructions
    to collect my passport.
  • The
    total time within the consulate was 20 to 25 minutes.

H1B Visa Interview Questions asked by the US Consulate officer

  • Me: Good Morning
  • CO: Good Morning, can I get your passport
  • Me: I gave the passport to the officer
  • CO: Tell me the name of your employer
  • Me: Appropriately answered
  • CO: In which city are you going to be work?
  • Me: Appropriately answered
  • CO: Your annual salary?
  • Me: Appropriately answered
  • CO: How long have you been working for this employer?
  • Me: Appropriately answered
  • CO: Are you going to work at a client site?
  • Me: Appropriately answered
  • CO: Your Visa is approved and please read the instructions in the slip for the details regarding passport collection

General Tips for US Visa Stamping at Consulate

  • Reach
    at least 30 minutes before the appointment time.
  • Do
    not schedule your appointment from 7.30 AM to 9 AM windows, as the consulate is
    crowded. The preferred time slot is to schedule your appointment between 9 AM and
    10 AM.
  • Take
    a cab to get to the consulate. Preferably book hourly rental package taxis as
    this saves time and effort after the interview. Ask the taxi driver to wait in
    the adjacent street. Write down the number of the car and number of the cab
    driver, if you need to call the person after the interview.
  • Dress
    according to the type of visa class. For an H1B visa, make sure you are in
    formal attire.
  • Greet
    the officer as soon as you reach the counter.
  • Please
    don’t overhear other conversations as they would make you nervous.
  • Keep
    the documents in order and ensure that it is easy to pull the documents from
    the file when requested.
  • Mobile
    phones, wallets, smartwatches, car keys with remote locking, and other
    electronic devices are not allowed inside the consulate. So please keep all of these
    at home or give it to the person who accompanied you.

you, everyone, for sharing their experience and providing insights regarding
the H1B visa process. I hope this experience will help and guide you in preparation
of your visa stamping. All the best J


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