Medical schools in USA accept international students

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  • “St” = “State” (Canadian provinces and Puerto Rico are in lowercase)
  • “$Cost” = Annual cost of attendance for international students including tuition, living, and other expenses in 2013/2014
  • “GPA” = Average GPA of all admitted students in 2013 entry class
  • “MCAT” = Average MCAT score of all admitted students in 2013 entry class
  • “Can?” = Indicates whether the school accepts Canadian citizens only (apart from US citizens); if “No,” all international students are considered for admission
  • “%Int’s Matriculated” = Percentage of international MD applicants (possibly including students with “Legal Residence Unknown”) who matriculated in 2013 [applied/interviewed/MD matriculated/MD-PhD matriculated]; where in brackets, figure was “0” in 2013, so the stated value is from 2012 (For example: Keck U SCali had 0 international students accepted in 2013 [=”0.00%”], but 1 student was accepted in 2012 [=”(1)”])
  • “Rank” = 2015 U.S.News Best Medical Schools Ranking

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For international students interested in U.S. professional schools (e.g., medical school, dental school, pharmacy school, and veterinary school), there are some substantial hurdles. Some of these programs do not accept international students at all, while others only accept small numbers. Even when these schools accept international students, they often require prepayment of substantial amounts of money equal to some or all of the tuition.


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