Best Computational Biology PhD Programs

What are the Top ranked masters degree computational biology in USA

PhD & Master’s degree in Computational Biology is offered by 90 American universities. Harvard University had highest number of international students receiving a PhD’s degree.

List of the Best Computational Biology colleges in the U.S. for 2022
Country State University Degree & URL
USA Alabama University of Alabama, Birmingham MS/PhD
USA Arkansas University of Arkansas MS
USA California California State University, San Bernardino BS
USA California University of California, Berkeley PhD
USA California University of California, Irvine PhD
USA California University of California, Los Angeles PhD
USA California University of California, Merced MS/PhD
USA California University of California, Riverside PhD
USA California University of California, San Diego PhD
USA California University of California, San Francisco PhD
USA Colorado University of Colorado, Denver PhD
USA Connecticut Yale University PhD
USA Delaware University of Delaware PhD
USA District of Columbia Georgetown University MS/PhD
USA District of Columbia The George Washington University MS
USA Georgia Georgia Tech University MS/PhD
USA Idaho University of Idaho MS/PhD
USA Illinois Loyola University, Chicago BS
USA Indiana Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis MS/PhD
USA Iowa Iowa State University PhD
USA Kansas University of Kansas PhD
USA Kentucky University of Louisville PhD
USA Louisiana Tulane University MS/MPH/PhD
USA Massachusetts Boston University MS/PhD
USA Massachusetts Harvard University PhD
USA Massachusetts Harvard University MS
USA Michigan University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MS/PhD
USA Missouri University of Missouri PhD
USA Nebraska University of Nebraska, Omaha BS/Cert.
USA New Hampshire University of New Hampshire BS
USA New Jersey Rowan University BS/MS
USA New York Columbia University PhD
USA New York Cornell University PhD
USA New York New York University MS
USA North Carolina North Carolina State University MS/PhD
USA North Carolina University of North Carolina, Chappel Hill PhD
USA Ohio Ohio University BS/MS/PhD
USA Oklahoma Oklahoma State University Cert.
USA Oregon Oregon Health & Science University MS/PhD
USA Pennsylvania Penn State University MS/PhD
USA Pennsylvania Temple University PSM
USA Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania PhD
USA Pennsylvania University Pittsburgh BS
USA Rhode Island Brown University PhD
USA South Carolina University of South Carolina MS
USA Tennessee University of Tennessee, Knoxville PSM
USA Texas Baylor University BS
USA Texas University of Texas, El Paso PSM
USA Utah Brigham Young University BS
USA Virginia Virginia Tech University PhD
USA Washington University of Washington PhD
USA Wisconsin University of Wisconsin, Madison PhD

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What is Computational Biology?

Computational biology is the science that answers the question “How can we learn and use models of biological systems constructed from experimental measurements?” These models may describe what biological tasks are carried out by particular nucleic acid or peptide sequences, which gene (or genes) when expressed produce a particular phenotype or behavior, what sequence of changes in gene or protein expression or localization lead to a particular disease, and how changes in cell organization influence cell behavior. This field is sometimes referred to as bioinformatics, but many scientists use the latter term to describe the field that answers the question “How can I efficiently store, annotate, search and compare information from biological measurements and observations?”