10 Universities in the U.S. that offer Day 1 CPT


Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Universities. Some of you might be eager to start one as soon as you arrive in the US so in this article you will find a list of the universities that allows students to start a CPT the second they arrive. Please note that this list is based on reader’s input and that we are not guaranteeing the accuracy of the information.

So if you want to make sure that the university mentioned offers CPT from day one, simply visit the school’s website and do a little bit of investigating. No luck finding the information you need? Send an email or call the school in question to find out if they offer a CPT early on in the semester. We begin with our list below, and add any extra vital or unique information pertaining to how the CPT program functions at each university.

  1. Coleman University, San Diego, California
  2. International Technological University, San Jose, California
  3. United States University, Chula Vista, California – From Day 1
  4. Goldey-Beacom College, Wilmington, Delaware – From Day 1
  5. Knowledge Systems Institute, St.Skokie, Illinois – From Day 1
  6. Sullivan University, Louisville & Lexington, Kentucky – At this university, you can start your CPT in your MBA or your Masters once you have already had at least one year of Master studies accredited by another university. If you fall under this criteria, you can start your CPT during your first week at university.
  7. Wichita State University, Wichita, Kentucky – After 9 months of studying
  8. Globe University/Minnesota School of Business, Woodbury, Minnesota – Day 1 – During your CPT, this university offers classes every 11 weeks that are conducted during the weekend.
  9. New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, New Jersey – After 1 year of studies in the US
  10. Infoserve Technologies Institute, Flushing, New York

University only part-time CPT is available to students – this means you can do a CPT for 20 hours per week at the beginning of your studies. However, you need to major in a computer science related subject and you can only take work positions which are in the same state. Also, they only allow you to work from the start of your semester until the end of your semester – you cannot work in gaps or holidays. In case you are planning to do a full-time CPT, you will have to wait until the summer semester since the university only grants full-time CPTs during this time. If you decide to do a full-time CPT in the summer you will not be able to study at the same time. In order to meet your credit requirements, you would have to take 3 classes in Fall and the Spring and then take none in the summer semester. If you fail any of your courses during your Fall and Spring semester, you cannot do your CPT in the summer.

If you are planning to get a CPT for a longer time period, meaning more than one semester, you need to go to university at least once a month. Therefore, the requirements are at least one face to face class per month Please make sure to always recheck with the university before you make any final decisions based on this list.

1. Introduction to Day 1 CPT and Its Benefits

Day 1 CPT, or Curricular Practical Training, is a program offered by select universities that allows international students to work off-campus from the first day of their academic program. This program provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical experience while studying in the United States.

The benefits of this program are numerous. Not only does it allow students to gain valuable work experience, but it also helps them build a professional network that can be useful when looking for future employment opportunities. Additionally, the hands-on training provided through Day 1 CPT can help students develop important skills and knowledge that will be useful in their future careers.

However, it is important to note that not all universities offer Day 1 CPT and there may be restrictions on which fields of study are eligible for participation. Students should research carefully before applying and ensure they fully understand the requirements and limitations of the program at their chosen institution.

2. Overview of the Ten Universities That Offer Day One CPT

For international students looking to gain work experience in the United States, Day 1 CPT programs can be an attractive option. These programs allow students to participate in paid internships or co-op programs while still maintaining their F-1 student visa status.

There are currently ten universities in the US that offer Day 1 CPT, including some well-known institutions such as Silicon Valley University and Stratford University. However, it’s important for students to carefully research and consider the potential risks associated with these programs before enrolling.

While Day 1 CPT can provide valuable work experience and potentially lead to future employment opportunities, there is also a risk of violating immigration laws or being subject to exploitation by employers. It’s crucial for students to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of their program before accepting any job offers or beginning their internship/co-op.

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3. Cost Comparison of Attending a University With vs. Without Day 1 CPT

The decision to attend a university with or without Day 1 CPT can have significant financial implications for students. While Day 1 CPT allows international students to work off-campus from their first day of classes, it may also come at a higher cost.

When comparing the costs of attending universities with and without Day 1 CPT, students should consider not only tuition fees but also living expenses and potential job opportunities. Universities that offer Day 1 CPT may be located in more expensive areas or have higher tuition fees, which can offset the benefits of early work authorization.

However, the potential for immediate employment through Day 1 CPT can also make up for these additional costs. Students who are able to secure jobs through this program can earn valuable experience and income while pursuing their studies. Ultimately, the decision to attend a university with Day 1 CPT should depend on individual circumstances and priorities.