Essential Guide to Tackling Common University Admission Interview Questions


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After navigating the intricate maze of university applications, the final barrier to admission is often the much-anticipated interview. If you are preparing for a university admission interview, you’re likely grappling with questions about how best to prepare and what kind of questions to anticipate. These may resemble the ones you might encounter in a job interview. In this guide, we delve into the most frequently asked university admission interview questions, offering tips on how to respond effectively.

  1. What motivated you to choose our university? Almost invariably, you will be asked why you selected the particular university for your studies. The phrasing could vary slightly but the essence remains the same. This query probes your understanding of the university and aims to uncover your motivations. To answer convincingly, consider what binds you and the university – akin to a harmonious pairing in higher education.

Steer clear from superficial reasoning, like the attractive campus or an appealing course. Instead, offer in-depth and considered responses. Discuss the department’s unique approach to your chosen field or their exceptional facilities catering to your course. Be cautious not to refer to nightlife or affordability, or indicate a lack of thoughtfulness in your decision.

  1. Why are you drawn to this subject?

Interviewers are keen to verify your genuine interest in the subject. Discuss the factors that sparked your interest – maybe it was a module from your A-Levels or undergraduate degree that captivated you. Illustrate how the subject aligns with your professional objectives or personal aspirations. However, refrain from discussing expected earnings or implying that your choice was influenced by others or was perceived as an ‘easy option.’

  1. What are you currently reading? This question is more likely to appear if you’ve opted for a subject involving extensive reading, such as English literature. Ideally, your answer should initiate a lively dialogue with the interviewers. To this end, plan ahead and choose a book that relates to your course. This doesn’t solely highlight your reading habits but offers insight into your personality and displays your genuine interest in your subject and other areas. Use this opportunity to express your passions and demonstrate your potential as an active, independent learner.
  2. How would your friends describe you?

This question provides a platform to discuss your personality traits. Strive to deliver memorable and meaningful responses instead of commonplace attributes. Maybe you’re incredibly determined or a natural leader. It could be that you’re always ready to take on challenges. Remain truthful while emphasizing your strengths. Enhance your responses with real-life examples.

  1. Which accomplishment are you proudest of? This question allows you to highlight both academic and non-academic achievements unless otherwise specified. Discuss a recent achievement and its positive impact on you. You might want to talk about a well-executed coursework project, a test you excelled in, or an extracurricular recognition, such as playing an instrument at an advanced level or leading a student society. These instances reflect commitment, initiative, and effective time management.
  2. How do you spend your free time? This question offers insight into your personality and whether you’ll be a good match for the university’s culture. Mention hobbies that demonstrate proactivity and consistency, like playing a sport. Discuss the skills these hobbies have imparted that could be beneficial at university. Keep away from potentially contentious or lazy-sounding hobbies like binge-watching Netflix or online shopping.
  3. What unique qualities can you bring to our university? This question prompts you to sell yourself, so remember to remain authentic. Substantiate your claims with examples. Perhaps you’ve significantly contributed to your school’s community or organized events.

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