F1 Student Visa Interview Experience – Spring 2017– Chennai

F1 Visa Interview Experiences From Various U.S. Consulates


Chennai Consulate – Spring 2017 

VO- Visa Officer

ME- Applicant

Counter: 23
He approved two visitors visa and a work visa ahead me..
Greeted the VO and passed my passport and he asked for my i20 as well.
VO: Is this the first time you are going out of India?
Me: Yes sir, its my first trip
VO: Which university have u done ur UG?
Me: Anna university, Chennai
VO: Who is your sponsor?
Me: My parents
VO: What is ur father?
Me: He is a businessman
VO: What kind of business?
Me: He has a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit
VO: Why this universiry?
Me: The EE dept ranks 2nd at sjsu. The course curriculum..(interrupted)
VO: Will u be working there after ur graduation ( im not sure if he asked me whether im going to work during my studies or after my graduation)
Me: No sir i was already working for CTS as a server admin. Equipped with MS degree I will get back to CTS for a higher designation
VO: Are u working currently?
Me: No sir I have resigned.
VO: Where do u reside?
Me: Chennai sir
VO: I am approving your visa. Have ur i20 safely ull have to show this at the immigration
Me: Sure sir, Thanks a lot sir
VO: Have a great day
Me: Thank you sir
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