F1 Visa Interview for MS At Mumbai Consulate – Fall 2016 – Approved

F1 Visa Interview Experiences From Various U.S. Consulates

Approved – 2016 – Mumbai – First – IUPUI – MSCS – 293 

VO- Visa Officer

Me – Applicant

F1- Visa Experience

Consulate : Mumbai
Counter :28
University : Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

VO is american lady aged around 50 .I have Seen one F1 and one H1 is rejected before me , one F1 Approved but his answers are not unto the mark and fumble a lot .,though his visa is approved and i thought (Beta tera to ho hi jayega approved)

Vo : come Sir Good morning
Me : Good morning madam
VO : Why this university
Me : It is better ranked university among the all the admits i got till now , it is ranked XX by USnews.com (Inturrepted)
Vo : in Angry mood , don’t give me Memorize answer , Give me the real reason
me : (I missed one heart beat ,beta ab to pakka reject hai ) , I will be getting degree from Purdue University (Little smile on VO’s Face and boost my confidence )
IUPUI covers course subject like Programing language , Design analysis and algorithm and Database system which are also area of my interest .
Moreover I will be getting a chance to learn under professor Dr. Rajiv Raje (Interrupted )
VO : Have you contacted to Professor ? (Counter question)
Me : No , madam but i have seen his current research on university website and give a positive smile .
VO : ok ok Good good.
VO : Why you want to do study now ? (I have passed out in 2011)
me : Madam, I have more than 3 years of practical experience in working as software engineer in well reputed company Ahmedabad, but i feel that i am loosing my promotions and good opportunities just because i don’t have a master degree , so to gain in depth knowledge and improve my future job perspects i will go for master study .
VO : She is impressed and given hard smile ! (I thought now she will grant my visa for sure)
VO : Who is going to sponsor you ?
Me : My father is going to sponsor me .
VO : @%%%&&###&&#&# ? (I guess she asked how you will manage your finance )
Me : I will manage my finance .. (Interrupted )
VO : I asked what is your father ?
Me : My Father is working in Central government of india since last 30 years
VO : with a smile @@@%@%@%@%@%@%(She spoke 2-3 sentences away from mike i didn’t hear a single word)
Me: She passed my i20 and and kept my passport with her.I didn’ t think what to do now because i have not listen whether she said grant / approved your visa etc
my mind is saying (Bhag beta visa approved ho gaya bcz she kept my passport with her ) . Though i want to confirm it so i asked her again very dumb question when can i get my passport ?
VO: you will get after 3 days
Me: Thank you madam


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