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Top 50 F1 Visa Interview Questions And Answers (PDF Free Download)

F-1 Visa Interview Questions Categories
In an F1 visa interview, there are 5 categories which the officials will form the basis of all the questions from. These 5 things will be touched, no matter how many questions the interviewer asks you. Those 5 F1 visa interview questions categories are:

Questions about your study plans

Questions about your choice of university

Questions about your academic background and capabilities.

Questions about your financial status.

Questions about your post-graduation plans.

As you read this article, you will realise that the questions we discussed are geared towards these 5 categories.


Top 25 F-1 Visa interview Questions and Answers
Now, without wasting any more time, these are the top 70 F1 visa interview questions and answers to expect during your interview. It is important that you go through each question carefully, and try to understand each of them, before you read the answers.

Keep in mind that any of these questions could be asked to you, so read all so that you will be prepared.


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1. Why do you wish to study in the USA?
This is one of the most common f1 visa interview questions and answers the interviewer will ask you when they are meeting you for the first time. Note that this interviewer already knows that you are going to the US for studies, but they ask this question because they want to deduce if your intentions of studying in the US are genuine enough, or if you just picked the country because you wanted to travel out. This is your chance to prove that a study in the US is important to your growth, education and career wise; that this country is the only country that can offer you these things.

Sample Answer:

I want to study in the US, because it is one of the most popular study destinations for higher education amongst foreign students, and it has some of the best universities in the world. Universities in America support their international students, they have a flexible education system, are culturally diverse, have high-ranking programs, and give students the opportunity to study and work as well. Another reason I want to study in your country is because, US has a diverse student community, and I would love to connect with other students from all over the world, and to also improve my English speaking skills.


2. Why did you choose the course you are applying for?
Questions about the course is a question to expect in f1 visa interview questions and answers 2022. Here, the interviewer wants to know what inspired you to select the discipline you chose to major in, and most importantly if it is aligned to your career goals.

Sample Answer:

I am passionate about studying Clinical Psychology (insert your course here), and I would love to expand my knowledge of it. In my country, we do not have many experts in this field, but I believe that what I learned during my studies would help me improve the existing systems in my country and equip me to stand out as well. Furthermore, this field is new in my country and as such there is a shortage of experts in it. This will help me establish a career once I come home.


3. Why have you decided to go to school now, instead of starting a career?
Among the f1 visa interview questions and answers 2021, is the question about continuing your career. Keep in mind that if you are a minor who is going to university for the first time, nobody will ask you this question. However, if you are an adult who has attended a university before, this question might be for you. The interviewer wants to know why you wish to further your education instead of taking a career path.

Sample Answer:

I wish to further my education, because the course I have chosen for my postgraduate studies, will further enhance my knowledge about the career I am in now. I strongly believe that the program I am applying to study in, will provide me with the know-how I need to excel in my career path.


4. How many universities did you apply to before you got accepted and why?
When you are asked this common f1 visa interview questions and answers 2022, no need for you to panic. Remember, you are currently at the embassy because a school in the US looked at your profile, and deemed you fit enough to invite you to study with them. So when the interviewer asks this, they simply want you to walk them through your journey to studying in the US, so that they can know how committed you are. Whatever knowledge you gathered when you were researching schools, this is the time to use it.

Sample Answer:

Before I got accepted to study at MIT, I also applied to Harvard University, and New York University. I chose these schools, because during my research, they proved to be the best universities in the world that offer an undergraduate program on Robotics Engineering.


5. Which universities did you apply to? What are their names?
Again, this visa interview questions and answers for students is not asked by the interviewer to cross examine you, it is simply to understand your process from deciding to study abroad, up until the point of the interview. They want to know which choices you made and how it influenced your decision to study in the US.

Sample Answer:

I narrowed down my search to the best schools which were a good fit for my career path, and had the best provisions for my programme. I applied to Harvard University, Duke University, University of California, and Stanford University.


6. Did you get accepted by all the universities?
It has never been a crime for a visa applicant to get an offer letter from multiple universities, so if you are asked this question, it is still because the interviewer wants to understand your journey to deciding to study abroad, and why you finally chose your ideal school. The f1 visa questions best answer to give is for you to answer accordingly, don’t lie.

Sample Answer:

Yes I got accepted to all the universities.

No, I did not get accepted to all the universities.


7. Which schools rejected you and why?
Even your interviewer understands that rejections are bound to happen, so if you get asked this f1 visa interview questions and answers 2022, be honest and be willing to share which schools rejected you, and also highlight which ones accepted your application.

Sample Answer:

Of all the schools I applied for, I was rejected by Duke University and University of California. My rejection was due to the fact that they didn’t find me a good fit for their program.


8. What are the names of the universities you got accepted to?
These common f1 interview questions and answers are in response to the questions about rejections, and schools that accepted you as well. Do not overthink it.

Sample Answer:

I got accepted into Harvard University and Stanford University.


9. What is the name of the college or university you want to study in and why did you choose it?
This question is one of the common f1 visa questions and answers, you are most likely to be faced with. When it is asked, please keep in mind that the interviewer is asking this question because they want to know why you chose to study in a particular university in the US, instead of in another country. This is not the time to praise the US for being a powerful nation with a good economy, so that the interviewer won’t think you want to live there after your studies. Do well to answer like this instead:

Sample Answer:

I chose to study in this university, because it has some of the best faculty members in my field of study whom I greatly admire. The professors who I would have the privilege of studying under should you grant me this visa, are respected experts in their field and I have been following their work closely since I showed interest in this school. Furthermore, the university itself is a high ranking university and my dream faculty is globally reputed and has produced some of the finest alumni in the world.


10. Where did you complete your high school/bachelor’s degree?
This is one question that gets asked as an f1 visa interview questions and answers for undergraduate students, and as a matter of fact it is pretty straightforward. Simply tell them where you completed your high school/secondary education. On the other hand, if you are going for your postgraduate, tell them the name of the school where you obtained your bachelor’s degree.

Sample Answer:

I completed my high school at (insert the name of your high school).


11. Why don’t you want to study in your home country?
What is it the US has that your home country doesn’t? You already studied in your home country throughout your undergraduate years, why do you want to study abroad now? Your country is reputed as a reasonable place to study by the rest of the world, so why are you travelling out now? These are the things an interviewer means with this f1 questions and answers visa interview process.

Sample Answer:

Yes, my country is reputed globally for having a reasonable educational system, yet it cannot be compared with that of the USA. The US is home to the majority of the high-ranking universities in the world, and obtaining a degree from one of those world-class institutions is a feat I hope to achieve one day. Additionally, the field of study I wish to major in is not taught in my country (only use if applicable to your case), and when it comes to course structure, facilities, and faculty, the schools in the US have more advantages than the schools in mine.

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12. Why are you changing your field?
The subject of changing fields is one of the popular f1 student visa interview questions and answers you will be asked, especially if you are undertaking a postgraduate course that is different from what you studied in your undergraduate. Please answer in a way that is applicable to your situation.

Sample Answers:

I have decided to change my field, from Journalism to Computing Science because for the past two years after my graduation, I have been working in an IT company where I have taken UI/UX courses and learned basic web designing techniques. I believe that practice, and the experience I have gathered in the last 2 years, have given me enough knowledge to go into the field I am switching to. I now wish to attend a university for it, so that I can get professional guidance and certification.


13. Did you get any scholarships?
No interviewer will deny you a visa because you did not get a scholarship. The main reason for asking these basic study visa interview questions and answers is to know what means you intend to use in funding your studies abroad?

Sample Answer:

Yes I got a scholarship.

No, I did not get a scholarship.


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14. Do you have any loans?
Your interviewer wanting to know if you have enough funds to cater for your education and cost of living in the US, and how you intend to get that funding, is one of the standard fi visa interview questions and answers you should expect to be asked. It is your duty to let the visa officer know that you are financially able to fund your education, by telling them which loans you have or do not have.

Sample Answer:

Yes, I have a loan (insert type of loan and which organisation).

No, I do not have a loan.


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15. Who is sponsoring your education?
Sponsorship questions is one of the sample f1 visa interview questions and answers to look out for. Besides the loan and scholarship organisers, who else is sponsoring your education to the US? Is it your parents, a relative, community, or your workplace?

Sample Answer:

My parents will be the ones sponsoring my education and funding my cost of living in the US, for the duration of my studies.

Experience 2: Regular Slot | F1 Visa | Mumbai Consulate

I had my F1 visa interview at the Mumbai Consulate recently. Here’s my experience:

The interviewer greeted me and asked for my passport and DS-160 confirmation page.

Why do you want to study in the US? Which university are you planning to attend? What’s your intended major? How did you choose this university?

Have you applied to any other universities? Do you have any relatives in the US? How will you fund your studies?

Tell me about your academic background. What are your plans after completing your studies?

Your visa is approved! Make sure to maintain your student status.

Experience 3: Regular Slot | J1 Visa | London Embassy

I had my J1 visa interview at the London Embassy. Here’s how it went:

The interviewer asked me to state my program category and sponsor organization.

What will be your role during the J1 program? How did you find out about this program? Have you been to the US before? If yes, for what purpose and when?

Tell me about your ties to your home country. How do you plan to share your experience when you return?

Can you provide more information about your sponsor organization? Do you have health insurance coverage for your stay in the US?

Congratulations, your J1 visa is approved! Enjoy your cultural exchange experience.

Experience 4: Regular Slot | H1B Visa Renewal | Chennai Consulate

I went for my H1B visa renewal interview at the Chennai Consulate. Here’s what happened:

The officer asked about my current job and the company I work for.

How long have you been working for this company? What is your current role and responsibilities? Has anything changed since your last visa application?

Tell me about your previous H1B visa experiences. Have you traveled outside the US while on H1B status?

How do you stay updated with developments in your field? Are you planning to continue working for the same company?

Your H1B visa renewal is approved. Keep up the good work in the US!

Experience 5: Regular Slot | Tourist Visa | Sydney Consulate

I had my tourist visa interview at the Sydney Consulate. Here’s how it went:

The officer asked about the purpose of my visit and my travel plans.

Why do you want to visit the US? What places do you plan to visit during your trip?

Have you traveled to other countries before? Do you have any family or friends in the US?

How do you plan to cover your travel expenses? What do you do for a living?

Your tourist visa is approved. Have a great trip and enjoy your time in the US!

Feel free to modify these experiences to suit different visa types, consulates, and interview scenarios. Remember that each interview is unique, so being honest, confident, and well-prepared is key to a successful outcome.