International Students and the Question of USA work experience

You may find several positions that match your experience, skills and expertise according to your resume’. Staffing firms may interview you and in the end they may inform you that since you do not have experience in US environment, they are unable to process your resume’. This happens frequently to overseas students and professionals searching for a position of their interest.

Let us enlighten the issues involved and the real scenario. 

1.      Offshore manufacturing has been prevalent in USA since the early 1980’s. Major healthcare companies manufacture their products from contract manufacturing companies in India, China and the European Union. Companies pack and label these products in USA and sell to customers worldwide.

2.    US FDA conducts the largest number of quality inspections outside USA, as the major manufacturing activities are done in India, China and the European Union.

This ensures that the products manufactured in India, China and the EU complies with the quality standards prescribed by US FDA. Facilities in which these are manufactured are audited by US FDA every two years. Company also ensures personnel’s performing manufacturing operation is fully trained on procedures, in order to be consistent with the FDA standards to produce quality Products.

Reasons why recruiters ask this question: 

1.      Recruiters of some staffing companies do not have specific technical expertise and are unaware of offshore manufacturing practices.

2.     Sometime recruiter working on such positions lacks technical expertise to assess the required skills in candidates.

What the hiring manager is looking for:- 

1.       A candidate is good, if the candidate possesses the required experience, right skill sets, and sufficient understanding of system and function along with good understanding of work culture of USA.

2.       In the US companies use automated systems for manufacturing. Though, some candidates have previous work experience on manual systems they can be considered if they are able to assimilate the basic concepts of work areas like Quality requirements, Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Areas.

3.      Candidates with international experience, who had worked in offshore sites, possess a learning attitude and thus add diversity to the group.

Who is at loss? 

Staffing companies don’t realize the value and diversity of the candidates with international experience can offer to their clients. International candidates with Post Graduate Degrees can benefit life science companies as they have excellent knowledge of latest technological practices and knowledge of FDA guidelines.

What students and professionals with international experience can do in this scenario? 

Now you can assess the real reason behind the rejection of your resume and how it hurts your job search. To rectify the situation you must articulate the details mentioned above, thus providing the necessary confidence to the recruiter to forward your resume for the position you are interested in.