Losing your OPT and unable to find job: Five things you must not do

1. Joining a consulting company

International students in their first 12 months of post-completion OPT authorization may not be unemployed for more than 90 days. Students who are unsuccessful in finding a job within 90 days after the start of OPT, choose to join either consulting or staffing agencies. Sometimes they have to remit a fee for enrolling in certain courses and undergo a number of hours of volunteer service to secure an offer from these agencies.

Fact: Average time-lapse for searching contract employment is 3-4 weeks and for full-time employment are 6- 10 weeks. Please don’t rush to join such agencies and deviate from your career and professional direction. Your prospective employer is to be apprised of the duration of your unemployment and appeal them to expedite their decision making process. Alternatively you can join talent development program of Source Consulting where you can enroll in the volunteer program of life sciences and can fulfill the requirements of life science industry. Through this program you connect with industry leaders and real time managers who may have opportunity or someone in their connections might have positions to offer you.

2. Enrolling in a training program by a consulting company

To avoid the OPT unemployment time cycle students join training program by paying hundreds of dollars, in the hope of getting employment with their clients. By doing so, candidates are harming themselves in two ways; they deviate from their career direction and limit their career alternatives. When you enroll in an SAS, SAP or clinical program you are obliged to work with a limited scope. On the other hand an MS in Regulatory affairs allows you to serve in varied fields such as, Medical Devices, Biological and Pharmaceutical Industry in QA, RA, QC and Clinical Research.

3. Joining a job different from your field of study

To escape the vicious cycle of unemployment after OPT candidates with MS in Pharmaceutical Science or Regulatory Affairs lands as Administrator of Computer systems such as SAS, SAP and Clinical Research Software.

Reasons: Depending on offers forwarded by staffing companies or automated updates received from job boards. Finding job with the help of generic resume and using 5 minute approach to application.

When students enroll in Master’s Program, teachers are their mentors to help them attain their potential. Similarly, “Buddy Program” of Source Consulting help students during their OPT duration to join their dream job. We assign one recruiter to each candidate to assist them find the job of their choice taking into consideration the stipulated time of 90 days post OPTS. Imagine an associate accompanying you every day, with the sole purpose of helping you out to find a suitable placement for you.

4. Consistent approach in finding employment

If you have not received an interview call even after searching for 30 days, these are three possible mistakes you have committed.

1. Five Minute applications: When a new opportunity appears in your email account, you apply without modifying your resume. This is known as the 5 minute application. Keep in mind each job is unique in its requirements and we must modify our resume according to the job profile.

2. Applying for all jobs available in the market: Candidates in desperation apply for all the jobs in the market to secure a job to escape the OPT unemployment clause. This could create confusion in the minds of employers as they encounter similar resume with different career interest from the same candidate. Further, entering an industry other than your skills may jeopardize your immigration procedures in the future.

Application through multiple recruiting agencies: If you are desirous of finding a job quickly and in consonance with your skill sets, it is ideal to select one recruiting agency only. You share your future plan, immigration needs and field of interest. Then set up a meeting with your recruiter and express your confidence in their expertise in finding a placement for you.

5. Losing hope:

When you experience that the process is not progressing as expected, you are not receiving interview calls and you are puzzled by the immigration issues, it is the time that you need a mentor and you can approach Source Consulting Talent Development Program. This program is eminently designed to satisfy your job search, skill enhancement for interview and immigration solutions.


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