Sample SOP Production Engineering


I am XXXXX, a production engineering graduate from University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, aiming for graduate studies in the US who foresee myself as a top class specialist in the field of manufacturing systems which is my final goal.

My education in Production Engineering was an eye-opener to say the least. When I secured admission to one of the most competitive and rigorous engineering programs in Sri Lanka, I had a structured view of what I might do here. But I found Production Engineering even more interesting and challenging than I had ever imagined. Right from the second year, I took deep interest in the core concepts underlying every phenomenon. Above all, my collective experiences at this college have helped me to define my career goals while my hard work as an undergraduate has reaped the full benefits by graduating with an upper second class honors.


Being well aware that my curriculum has equipped me with a comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical aspects only and also knowing its limitations, I took my own steps in applying this theory by gaining practical experience. I could thus achieve a perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge by working in companies both local and overseas. My first step was on the specialized field of garment manufacturing with MAS Active-Linea Intimo Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of MAS Holdings Limited, the largest apparel exporter in Sri Lanka.


During my stay at MAS Active-Linea Intimo, South Asia’s one and only seamless apparel manufacturing facility catering world class customers like NIKE, adidas, Victoria Secret and etc…, I got the opportunity to expose extensively in process improvements and related projects. Thus, I have been able to enhance my knowledge in the areas of production optimization methods and attached engineering issues. The most interesting and important project that I have involved at Intimo is the Lean Manufacturing Implementation Project, which was one of the massive investments within Sri Lankan manufacturing industry for such a program. Since the manufacturing facility is a complicated process combining knitting, dyeing, sewing and finishing main operations, it was a big challenge for us to modify the techniques which were originally developed and tested in different type of manufacturing environment. This project was really value added experience for me as it was focusing on production optimization with enhanced quality through a set of tools that assists identification and steady elimination of wastes. The most remarkable thing that I could experience while being in the project is to apply and gain practical experience in lean manufacturing tools like JIT(Just In Time) techniques, Production leveling, Inventory Control, information flow with Kanban which I used to learn basics and theories of these as a production engineering student during my university period.


It was not just an opportunity to work in a developed country but an enormous experience for me to expose its world class work culture and the technological difference when I was able to secure the Multi-Skilled Shift Engineer position at Sunlight Services Group, Bristol, United Kingdom in 2007. It allowed me to interact with a highly intellectual society in Europe and to be a part of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary professional body while being in a truly global working environment. Once I returned homeland I joined Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC, a diversified business representing world pioneer brands like Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, TATA, Siemens, komatsu and etc… My duties as an operations engineer in the building technologies division shaped my career further by working collectively with these international brands and practices.


I believe that the broad overview gained during undergraduate studies can be consummated only by the in-depth study that a Graduate study will entail. I would like to pursue my graduate studies in specialized fields of manufacturing engineering like manufacturing systems, lean manufacturing, production optimization in a committed manner. Graduate study would give me frontline exposure to the technological advances made in this field and allow me to contribute to its immense development. This is the very reason for deciding to begin my graduate studies after obtaining some industrial experience.


Therefore, Ph.D. in mechanical engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Kentucky is ideally matches with my career requirement. The faculty research at Mechanical Engineering, UK has really impressed me. One of the reasons I desire a graduate degree at University of Kentucky is the chance for close contact with a very distinguished faculty and the opportunity to do research at the forefront of a field.

I believe that I possess the basic aptitude, discipline and perseverance to sustain the motivation and drive needed for a research career. I have my experience in working most challengeable environment. Hence my ultimate goal is to acquire an in-depth knowledge in manufacturing engineering area through higher studies. After completing my Ph.D. in mechanical engineering I would like to obtain some work experience in the United States of America to get exposed to the work culture, the difference in the technology involved with respect to Sri Lanka , and professional work environment prevalent there. Having done that, I would like to return Sri Lanka and implement what I will learn in the US. I envisage the future as setting up my own consulting firm in Sri Lanka. I would also like to contribute my share to my country by taking up a teaching position, possibly a part time one at a university in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, in my point of view, USA is the ideal place to attain my goal since it has the most advanced and modern technologies in the area of mechanical and manufacturing engineering. I strongly believe that University of Kentucky will provide necessary background in order to expand my skills and interests in this field.


Finally, I am confident that I possess both the ability and enthusiasm to pursue my higher studies with manufacturing specialized in achieving my academic objectives, and thus would like to apply for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Kentucky.


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