Sample SOP Pharmacy Chemistry



“A dream acted upon by confidence becomes an ambition and that when followed with determination defines the purpose of existence in its entirety…”

      This was the lesson I learnt from my father, an unceasing learner and a person who would never give up no matter how many and how difficult the obstacles may be. Having understood from him that success is a moving target, the years of my life with my family have inculcated in me a desire to achieve perfection.

Sample Statements of Purpose (SOP) / Personal Statements 

I propose to read myself starting from childhood to school days to college days to the vestibule of my career. In a few months’ time, I will be completing my B.Pharm  prestigious University namely Acharya Nagarjuna University, A.P, India.  I am now in the next stage of building my career.  I am aware of the influence that the decision will have on my life and I find that I have no hesitation in progressing along a path I had been planning over the last four years.



It is my firm conviction that, that one should apply one’s creativity and talent to contribute something original in science and technology. This calls for a specialization in the field of one’s interest.  It is in this respect that, I feel undergraduate education is lacking in depth. A graduate education at a reputed university would be invaluable in honing my skills and knowledge, which are very vital for shaping my career.  After a careful consideration of my academic background, abilities and career goals, I have decided to pursue my graduate studies in the field of Chemistry.



While my graduate study has helped me develop an insight into my intended area of specialization and the ability to relate developments in fundamental concepts to analytical chemistry, it still cannot support my desire for research and design. I therefore strongly believe that a detailed research chemistry from your university will be a step forward in achieving my objective of launching a career in research and designing.




My final year project “Anti-diabetic activity of Passiflora edulis”, was an attempt to identify various chemical constituents present in Passiflora fruit and establishing their activities. The project done offered great insight into Chemistry of Natural Products, Chemical tests and Pharmacological principles. Team spirit and leadership traits were brought to the fore and honed.


I was admitted under the merit seat category into Chalapathi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences College. During my undergraduate studies at CIPS , I learnt subjects like Organic Chemistry ,Inorganic Chemistry,Medicinal Chemistry,Chemistry of natural Products, Physical Pharmacy,Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology,Pharmaceutical analysis subjects as a part of my course curriculum.



I have a strong desire to learn whatever I can, and self-reliance to face challenges put forth. A master’s degree from your university will be a deciding factor in shaping my future. I’m confident that the technical knowledge that I gain in the United States of America will help me in playing a constructive role in the progress of mankind.


Through the brochure, my friends and also by browsing the web, I came to know that WVU is one of the leading and prestigious institutions for research and the curriculum matches my study objectives. It would be an invaluable opportunity for me to work with the renowned faculty at WVU for my graduate study.  I assure you that if I am admitted, I shall strive to contribute significantly to live up to your expectations. I hope that my credentials and background rise up to the standards expected and look forward to pursue my graduate studies there. I request you to consider me for admission with full financial assistance to the Department of Chemistry..


Thank you for considering my application


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