Sullivan University Day 1 CPT

CPT For F-1 Students from Sullivan University

Sullivan University provides enough opportunities to the students through which they can participate in the CPT and gain real-time experience while completing their academics.

Students can enroll themselves to:

  • Master of Science in Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Managing Information Technology

Procedure For Getting Enrolled In Day 1 CPT From Sullivan University

  • You must be an F-1 student and approved by the DSO to be eligible for CPT
  • If you have already received full time or one year CPT, you are not eligible for post-completion academic training
  • The student must obtain a form I-20 with the DSO to start CPT

How To Apply For The CPT in the Suvillan University?

  • Once you are accepted by the university, you are eligible to apply for CPT
  • All you need to do is complete an application and submit it along with the required documentation
  • Additionally, you must have a job at the time of application for CPT. And, you won’t be allowed to get a job later on.


Sullivan University has “Hybrid weekends.” These are three times per quarter, (Friday and Saturday if you are on the CPT track, Just Saturday if you are not.) CPT, as long as the qualifications are met can be approved as early as the second week of class. The international admissions office’s email is if you have more questions 

Final Verdict

Sullivan University is one of the leading universities from which you can enroll yourself into day 1 CPT. However, you should not just join the university for getting the CPT as you might face trouble while getting an H1B visa status later on.