14 Reasons you should marry NRI Girl

1. They are independent.

deepika styleSourceTumblr.com

2. They Drive Super Cars. ( Big transition from Scooty Peps and Activas) 😉

driving carSourceTumblr.com

3. That one tattoo, that’s it.

sonakshi tattooSourceTumblr.com

4. They keep that pinch of Drama alive around the world.

drama deepikaSourceGiphy.com

5. That one Smile and the Twist in the Story begins.


6. They are Biryani and Indian cookery experts on the foreign land.

kareena cookingSourcetwitter.com

7. They make white guys go crazy for them with their exotic charm.

patamati sandhya ragamSourceYoutube

8. They put the girly stickers on the  I phone 6 and the flaunting that comes with it.

iphone selfieSourceGiphy.com

9. They walk down the New York Streets with Style and all eyes one her for sure.

Ain’t Nobody like a Desi Girl.
sonam kapoorSourceGiphy.com

10. They all look like fashion majors, but don’t let the looks fool you. They are Super Smart Software brainies and Managers.


kareena laptopSourceSourceGiphy.com

11. They have the world’s best brands to shop around. Forever 21, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Hollister and what not.

Deepika shopping

12. You should see them when they wear Traditional for Festivals. That Moment of Heart Freeze for you.

giphy (10)SourceGiphy.com


13. All kinds of the Moscatos and Rose Wines are out there for them.

deepika champaignSourceGiphy.com

and sometimes this way. 😉


14. Once they hit the dance floor, now that’s a killer punch. #Flat

deepika danceSourceGiphy.com