Indian OCI Renewal: Is it Necessary and How to Update Your New Passport?

Indian OCI rules have been simplified for new passport uploads. No OCI renewal is required after reaching 20 years of age. The processing time for updates is typically 2-4 weeks, and the required image size is 2×2 inches with a maximum file size of 500kb.

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Introduction to OCI Card India

The Indian government has made the process more straightforward by eliminating the need for Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders to reissue their OCI for every passport renewal or address change.

Samir has shared his personal experience and created this comprehensive guide to help you navigate the OCI process.

The OCI card enables visa-free travel for Indian citizens who have obtained citizenship in other countries, such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and more. It provides multiple entries, a lifelong multi-purpose visa for visiting India, exemption from reporting to local Indian police authorities, and equal rights with Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in financial, economic, and educational fields, barring the acquisition of agricultural or plantation properties. OCI cards are also issued to children of Indian citizens without Indian passports.

OCI Reissue: When is it Not Required?

  1. Minor children up to 20 years – OCI renewal is not needed for minor children when changing passports. Simply upload the latest passport copy and photos on the OCI website.
  2. Adult OCI issued after 20 years of age – No OCI renewal required.
  3. Adults older than 50 years – OCI renewal is not required after turning 50. However, upload the latest passport and photos once after completing 20 years using the process outlined below.
  4. Change of address/contact details – Renewal of OCI is not required for address changes. Upload the latest details using the process outlined below.

OCI Reissue: When is it Required?

  1. After passport renewal and reaching 20 years of age
  2. Change of name or father’s name
  3. Change of nationality

For existing OCI cardholders needing to upload their latest passport copy and photo, follow the steps provided below. Complete this process within three months of passport renewal.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has granted extensions to use existing OCI without reissue until December 31st, 2021. Those planning to travel to India after this date should upload their passport copy and photo as soon as possible.

Since the system update takes 2-4 weeks, it’s better to complete the process as soon as possible.

Documents Required for OCI Update:

  1. Photo: Non-white background, square dimensions (equal width and height), less than 500kb in size. Use Google Photoscan app.
  2. Scanned signature: Sign on plain white paper and use an app like Adobe Scan to scan or take a picture.
  3. A color pdf copy of the Passport picture page – Use Adobe Scan.

New Passport Upload Process:

Follow the numbered steps provided in the original article to complete the new passport upload process through the Indian government’s OCI website. Additionally, make use of the OCI Status Enquiry feature to check the status of your OCI update, which generally takes 2-4 weeks to be updated in the system.