Universities for GRE 280-290

Having a low GRE score doesnt mean that you wont get admissions in US Universities. There are lot of Universities accepting Low GRE score of around 280 to 290 and even 270.

Universities for Low GRE Scores

Few of these schools became popular since this Spring and Fall 2016 as my consultancies sending student to these universities. Some of these schools have high tuition fee and low standards of education. Be careful when choosing these schools. Try to retake GRE and score above 300 to get admission into decent universities if you want to experience fine US Educational system. These are the last options if all other options dried out.

Following Schools are suitable for Academic Percentage 50% – 60% and GRE Score of 280-290. Please check university website for TOEFL/IELTS requirements.


University List
1 Cameron University
2 CUNY—New York
3 Daytona State College
4 Eastern Michigan University
5 Fairfield University
6 Gannon University – Pennsylvania
7 Howard Payne University
8 Metropolitan State University
9 Missouri Western State University
10 Montana State University—Billings
11 Montana State University—Billings
12 New Mexico Highlands University
13 Quinnipiac University
14 Rochester Institute of Technology
15 Sacred Heart University
16 Southeast Missouri State University
17 Southern Connecticut State University
18 Southern Nazarene University
19 Stevens Institute of Technology
20 Tennessee Technological University
21 University of Akron
22 University of Arkansas at Little Rock
23 University of Bridgeport
24 University of Detroit Mercy
25 University of Maryland--University College
26 University of Texas—Brownsville
27 University of Texas-El Paso
28 Wayne State University
29 Wilmington University
30 University of Texas Kingsville
31 Texas State University
32 Rivier University
33 Full sail State University
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