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CPT Universities   What is CPT ?  In general, CPT is a type of employment that is given to F1 students, where it is part of academic curriculum or degree program, and required to be done for completion of degree.  Typically it could include supervised field work, any work that is mandated by curriculum for hands on […]

CPT Universities


What is CPT ?  In generalCPT is a type of employment that is given to F1 students, where it is part of academic curriculum or degree program, and required to be done for completion of degree.  Typically it could include supervised field work, any work that is mandated by curriculum for hands on exposure.  CPT is of three to four types, depending on school.

  • CPT Required to obtain degree, which is for specific field training and experience.
  • CPT available as an elective and available as credit towards degree completion
  • CPT given as part of Thesis/ Dissertation for field experience towards research.
  • CPT for co-op programs, generally combining education with practical work experience.

You will have to be enrolled full time in the degree program at school to avail CPT. Also, it is given only after approval from academic department and your DSO will give you a new I20 indicating the same. It will have to be taken every semester as required.  If you do CPT full time for 12 months will lose the option to utilize 12 month OPT, so you have to watch how you use it. Of course, doing part time CPT work will be fine. CPT from day 1 for second masters.

List of Universities offering CPT from Day 1:

F1 Visa Interview Experiences From Various U.S. Consulates – CPT to H1B Visa

Note: CPT 1 from day 1 is not approved by USCIS, The list is posted by students in various forums this is just a collection of data and admit school takes no responsibility is accuracy or legality of this information

Other Options:

  1. Change to dependent visa (F-2 or H-4 visa) if your spouse is student or working here.
  2. Look at J-1 visa possibility at your university or academic H-1B visa at research stations associated with your university system.
  3. Extend your course by one semester.
  4. Desi consultancy

Check here : Alternative ways to stay in USA Legally

I completed MS in 2012 from a reputed university and worked on opt (stem extension) for 2.5 years. I recently joined  another  masters from  CPT university. I am planning to visit India this December(2016). My current F1 visa is valid until June 2017. Can I use this visa to re-enter US or do I need to attend visa interview again in India to get a new visa to reflect my new university I-20? What documents I should carry for immigration check purposes at port of entry ?

I personally feel you should be able to use your existing F1 stamp to enter and exit the USA. At the Port of Entry (upon your return), if asked you should show I20 of the new University and you should be fine.

My understanding is, as long as the visa on the passport is valid (dates not expired), you are good to enter and exit the country even if you change your course / University.

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  2. Vaibhav Gupta

    My current visa is expiring on July 2017 and I am starting my second Master’s in July 2017, I am planning to go to India in Dec 2017, do I need to take another visa interview, can some please guide me?

  3. Hi SK
    Yes Sullivan university seems pretty old try that or Stratford and VIU seem to be other choices which many students are trusting

  4. SK

    I have graduated from a masters program and would like to continue my eduation as well as gain work experience. I am looking for a university that offers CP from day one so I can achive both the academic as well as the oractical aspects.

    Can someone please guide e as to which colleges/universities offer that benefit?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. For those interested in Business or STEM programs, The University of Farmington offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees that combine traditional instruction with occupationally based externships, including CPT and OPT. These programs are integral to the curriculum and, in some cases, begin within the first quarter of enrollment. http://www.universityoffarmington.edu

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  5. Muhammad Nouman Anwar

    i want to transfer my university to another who can give me cpt from the first day ….can you help me out ?

  6. Hi Sanmit, I work at Sullivan University and we just launched two new programs MSMIT and EMBA that may work with what you need. Contact me directly at iadmissions@sullivan.edu or call 5022138205.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the support Michael

  7. Sanmit

    My OPT is expiring in Dec 2013 and my H1 got denied. I want to continue working with CPT, I want to know the list of universities that offer CPT from day 1, also do any of these universities accept students in November or December in any special programs and offer CPT because I don’t want to have a break in work. Delaware University (Goldey Beacom college) accepts in Spring but it has restrictions like live within 3hr drive and work within 4 hr drive distance. Any information is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

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